System Specifications

  • 3PairSystem – initial design capacity 100 Gbps x 100 λ per fiber pair = 30 terabit per second capacity
  • Resilient network design, mostly buried 12 feet below sea
  • Six cable landings installed 60-80 feet deep in steel conduit up to a mile offshore
  • Robust feeds and redundant equipment at each terminal power station with 24/7 monitoring and response
1 — In Service
Serves North America’s largest oil and gas fields at Prudhoe Bay
  • 505 miles of terrestrial fiber running parallel to the Dalton Highway
  • 1,182 miles of fiber buried 12' below seabed
2 — JAWS1 - TPC
Achieves route diversity, reduces latency, and establishes Asian network
  • Extends from Washington State to Japan
  • Connects Alaska to Washington State
3 — Trans-Arctic
Establishes Canadian & European network
  • Connects Alaska to Canada
  • Extends from Canada to London