What is a fiber optic broadband cable and network?

A fiber optic cable is comprised of thin strands of glass, known as optical fibers, which transmit information from one point to another using optical technology. Data is transferred at nearly the speed of light, offering users unrivaled internet access and connectivity. A fiber optic cable network is the integration of several fiber optic cables across vast distances, bringing high-speed access to consumers wherever they may be.

What makes fiber optic broadband better?

Cost, reliability and speed. The cost to construct a world-class fiber optic network like Quintillion’s is great but offers great savings to customers. Because our system is protected by copper and steel cladding, the cost to maintain the network is lower than other internet access systems and is protected against Alaska’s harsh environments. This means Quintillion can offer broadband on a resilient system at lower costs to consumers. 

What kind of services does Quintillion provide?

Quintillion provides middle-mile backhaul services for last-mile service providers (such as Alaska Communications, TelAlaska and ASTAC) along the Dalton Highway, the North Slope and northwest Alaska. As a middle-mile service provider, we do not provide internet access services directly to the public. We specialize in providing internet service providers with the fastest, most resilient broadband access in the state of Alaska, which they pass on to their customers. 

Where does Quintillion plan to go in the future?

Our plans to connect Alaska to international markets in Japan and Europe are in the planning phase. Quintillion’s planned fiber optic network expansion will connect Japan to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, and Alaska to Europe via the Northwest Passage in northern Canada. In addition to bringing international connectivity to Alaska, we are finalizing our plans to build a state-of-the-art data center to service residents, oil and gas operators, environmental monitoring firms and the Department of Defense.

Does Quintillion plan on serving other parts of Alaska?

Although we do not have immediate plans to extend our services to other parts of Alaska, we are always exploring opportunities to expand our network and better serve Alaskans. 

Can I purchase internet services from Quintillion?

Quintillion does not offer internet services directly to consumers at this time, but if you’re interested in the fastest, most reliable internet service in the state of Alaska, speak with your local internet service provider about using our fiber optic cable system.