Downloading Satellite Data at America’s Northernmost Point

Presenting the Quintillion-ATLAS High Latitude Ground Station

Quintillion has partnered with ATLAS Space Operations – the leader in ground station technology services – to build North America’s highest latitude satellite ground station in Utqiagvik, Alaska. This will enable organizations of all kinds to download satellite data and upload commands directly to and from American soil.

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There’s a lot of activity in the sky. We increasingly rely on data captured from above to power everyday life on earth, from populating our maps, to monitoring the climate, and protecting our national security.

Data collected via satellite is transmitted back to earth via ground station. With every passing second, satellites collect thousands of data points, making the location and distance between ground stations not a matter of convenience, but of security.

Currently, companies and agencies launching polar orbiting satellites – favored for Earth observation because of the amount of surface they can cover – face a dilemma: wait an extended period of time before downloading and backing up their data or rely on a ground station in a foreign country. In certain situations, treaty requirements create a digital blackhole until satellites are in the line of sight of a lower latitude ground station. For those with sensitive data, this presented a significant problem. Until now.

Quintillion’s ground station at Utqiaġvik will not only serve as a crucial crossroad between space and terrestrial communications; it represents a critical landing point on Quintillion’s broader Arctic Network, which it is developing as the foundation for American broadband communications, economic and security advancement through the Arctic region.

15ft diameter radome

Serving polar-orbiting satellites

3.7 meter Antenae

15 feet in diameter radome

Operates S and X bands

A Secure Connection Between Ground and Space in the American Arctic

Recent decreases in launch costs have led to the explosion of new satellites entering our planet’s orbit. Just last year, thousands of satellites were launched into space. For these organizations, a high latitude ground station serves as an additional, diversified backup point in a remote corner of the country.

From a national security perspective, adding a high latitude ground station closes the polar data bottleneck and provides a safe harbor for classified data.

A Landing Station on the American Polar Silk Road

The geostrategic significance of the Arctic has come into sharp focus, as countries around the world are investing heavily in research, infrastructure, economic development and military resources.

Quintillion’s ground station at Utqiaġvik will not only serve as a crucial crossroad between space and terrestrial communications; it represents one landing point on Quintillion’s broader network map, which it is developing to lay the foundation for American security policy in the Arctic – an American Arctic Silk Road.

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