Bringing High-Speed Broadband to the U.S. Arctic

The first and only telecommunications operator to build a submarine and terrestrial fiber optic cable network in the U.S. Arctic, Quintillion provides high-speed broadband with improved service quality at substantially lower cost than existing satellite and microwave capabilities.

Quintillion is a leading infrastructure provider of broadband connectivity, satellite ground station operations and big data/cloud services. The company contracts to sell capacity on its network on a wholesale basis, with Quintillion’s system providing access to telecommunication service providers in the Arctic and across the globe.

Through its 30 TBPS fiber optic system, scalable up to 90 TBPS, Quintillion’s pioneering technologies are laying the groundwork for government, global financial, cloud, and oil and gas clients to innovate without limits.

Quintillion Network

  • Only subsea fiber optic network in the U.S. Arctic
  • Spans over 1,600 miles
  • Serves new & emerging markets
  • Ideal for national security needs
  • Designated as critical infrastructure
  • Resilient to cyber threats
  • Protected against damage & interference
  • Will connect to Asian & European markets
Phase 1 of Quintillion’s network is having substantial beneficial effects on the cost of communication services in the Arctic – significantly improving the quality of life for people living, working and doing business there.